Mimi was acquired from Hillsborough County Animal Services in April 2013. After a check up at Animal Health Veterinary Clinic, it was determined that Mimi was about 13 years old. She had a dental in which she lost all of her teeth. We, also discovered that Mimi was deaf and had limited eyesight. She had gastro issues along with sinus issues. The sinus issues cleared up with medication and time. The gastro issues were resolved by giving her special food made for those medical cases. Mimi is a barker when it comes to eating. She has no patience. Otherwise, she uses the puppy pads to relieve herself. 

    January 2014 Update: Mimi is doing just fine. Due to her hearing disability, she does not like to be touched unless she initiates it. But when she does want love, we make sure we give her alot of hugs. She pays attention to everything in the house when she is awake. When it is walk time, she gets up and comes to get on her collar and leash. 

Mimi was laid to rest on April 27, 2015

She had come down with a progessive mouth tumor.


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