Benji passed away on April 23, 2021 due to a growth and old age.  Cousin Benj, which he was affectionately called, still had spunk at 18 years old.

Benji was an owner surrender in 2014. His owner had to go to a nursing facility. We guessed that he was 11 years old.He was brought up to date on shots, and given a dental. He lost some teeth. He is already neutered. He is housetrained to the yard.


Benji walks a bit funny. We discovered that it is due to his ligaments in his ankles and not a knee issue. We believe he was born this way.


Benji was placed in the Senior Senter because there was no interest in adopting him. As he has gotten older, the skin growths or tags are multipling on his back and legs. He needs eye medication twice a day. He has suffered from skin rashes that itch constantly. This is a battle in which the itch is winning.


Benji and Maria are like two seniors in a nursing home who do not like each other. During dinner time, Maria will start to growl at him and start an altercation. He comes back at her and she leaves her dish. Benji, then, goes over and finishes her food. OMG!

Now that Maria is gone, Benji is going after Obie.


In 2018, Benji came down with a liver infection. He now needs constant medication.


In 2019 we have discovered that Benji is deaf. He learned from Scully that Mom gives special treats before bed. So, now, he is looking for those treats. He has taught everyone else to look for them, too!


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