Emma was an owner surrender.  She arrived with Obie and two other dogs in 2015. When Emma arrived, she could not walk but with some time, Emma was on her feet.

Emma has a neurological condition which causes her to shake (like Parkinsons) and lack fine motor skills. She walks but with a stiff gait. She needs to wear diapers because sometimes she uses the puppy pads and sometimes she doesn't. She attacks noises and will bark when there are visitors. She will let you know when she wants love. If she doesn't like something, her instinct tells her to bite.

2017 - Emma tripped on the vacuum cord and could not walk. She had hip surgery and needs constant care and rehab. We hope and pray that we can get her back on her feet.

2018 - Emma received a donation of a wheelchair. She runs around the house now! What we discovered is that Emma's back legs are very strong but her front legs are very weak.

2019 - Emma has decided that she wants her own bedroom. She now sleeps in the walk-in closet. When it is time to go to sleep, if I do not bring her into the closet, she keeps calling me and does not stop!


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