Josey passed away on January 22, 2021 from unexpectant seizures. She was my shadow wherever I went. Even the neighborhood misses her as they walk by the yard.


   Josey is one of our kids who was returned to us in 2017. Josey has a cervical disc issue that causes severe pain. This pain will make Josey walk backwards and crumble into a ball. Hence, any new adopter would need 3 expensive pain meds on hand to give to her when she is hurting. She, also, needs thyroid medication two times a day. She came down with a unknown cause liver infection. We still have to do a follow-up to see if she is healed.

   Josey is a jumper. She jumps on the sofa. She remembered her chair from her first visit here, hence she has jumped on that. We believe the jumping is what caused the cervical disc problem. And the jumping will cause it in the future.

  Josey is a barker. She barks when you leave, she barks when you come home. She spends her days in the yard barking. She hears or sees something and the barking is continuous. If you do not like barking, Josey is not for you.

  Josey's fur is not growing back from 2 years ago when we cut her fur down. She will never become a full fluffy pom. Josey likes to be held and loves to be loved. OH, she loves toys that squeak.

   Because of Josey's medical issues, she does not have her shots. We feel she is fighting enough medical conditions that giving her shots would cause her conditions to go backwards.

   2019 - Josey is doing wonderful. Right now she no longer needs her thyroid meds. Her liver values have stabilized. And she has not had severe pain in her neck.  Josey's fur has grown in so full soft. She is just thriving beautifully.


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