Maria was an owner surrender in March 2014. We were told that she was 13 years old, could not walk and had bladder control issues and hot spots after a groom. We brought her to the house and shaved her down. We discovered matting was the issue causing everything. Maria could walk, run, and even could get to the puppy pad on her own. But she was definitely overweight. 

     Since being at the rescue, Maria runs outside to bark with the rest of the dogs. She has lost about a pound. This has helped her when she has an itch; she can scratch it herself! She relieves herself on the puppy pads. Sometimes it is on the edge but it is still the pad. Yeah for Maria!!! She is just a little love.

     In 2016, Maria added another medication to her daily regimen. She is now, on thyroid meds, gall bladder meds, and intestinal meds. She has slowed down a bit but that is expected with age. She has to get a cyst drained at least once a month. But her personality and queen bee persona is still there! Every night, she wants her bedding changed otherwise she will place the bedding all over the floor. AND there needs to be a clean puppy pad in her area!


     Maria passed away July 25, 2017

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