Obie passed away on 7/12/21 due to complications from a collapsing trachea

Obie was an owner surrender, in 2015, when his owner had to go to the nursing home.  He arrived with three other dogs. We had him neutered and gave him a dental. We brought him up to date on shots. 

Obie has a deformed back leg. He still uses it and stands on it.We believe he was born that way. Based upon his microchip, we believe he was 7 years old in 2015.

Obie is a biter and growler who can only be touched by a person when he allows. We have made some progress but not enough where he could go to an event. Hence, he is a member of the Sanctuary.  We had to remove his canines in order to stop me from bleeding.

During dinner time or when we leave the house, he chews up the puppy pads. Bath time or grooming requires a muzzle. He knows NO commands. Sometimes he is housetrained, and sometimes he is not. I believe that if Obie was the only dog, he would flourish!


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