Peanut is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who was rescued from Hillsborough County Animal Shelter in 2013. He was an owner surrender to the shelter. Peanut needs double ACL surgery. He can still walk but it is more of a wobble. He has a barrel chest and a small hind area. August 2013 it was noticed that Peanut has a large bald spot on his hip.

    It has been a year since Peanut entered the rescue and he is still doing fine. He can walk just like the best of them but only very short distances. He had his annual bloodwork and came back as a very healthy pom. The bald spot is just a bald spot; nothing to be concerned about.

     Peanut is now on pain management therapy. It was discovered that he has degenerative disc disease on his spine.

August 2014, we discovered that Peanut has a collapsing trachea. Besides the heart medication, Peanut now has to take medication in order to breathe. Peanut has been moved out of the adoption area and placed in the sanctuary. He is on 4 different medications, twice a day.

    On November 16, 2014, Peanut passed away due to collapsing trachea complications. He will always be remembered for his happy, loving personality. He never let his problems get in his way of being a great little man. Peanut Butters, you will be so very missed - my sleep buddy. 


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