Pixie was rescued from Citrus County Animal Shelter on November 1, 2013, and her age was 13 years old. I was told that she was an owner surrender two years ago. She was in and out of the shelter four times in the last two years! People adopted her, then brought her back.

     The first place Pixie went was to the vet. She got a thorough check-up and blood work. Pixie had a dental and lost all but 7 teeth. She has age related arthritis along her back. This causes her to walk very slowly. Also, Pixie is deaf. She cannot hear normal speech; only very loud noises.

     Pixie seems scared to go in the car, go for walks and even put on a collar. This causes colitis in which medication was prescribed. Unfortunately, Pixie has a very sensitive stomach so even medication can cause an attack. Pixie has to be reassured that she has a home and that when we go in the car or put on a leash that she is not being re-homed. With repetition she is slowly realizing that she is safe.

     She is outdoor trained and lets you know when she has to go out. She has picked her bed. She understands that when it is time to go to bed that we go out one last time. She will come in and go to her bed and waits for love before lying down.

    Pixie was laid to rest on October 10, 2014. She had suffered quite a while with gastro intestinal issues, and pancreatitis. Pixie will be greatly missed! She is finally pain free and is running in the yard with Papa.

   Till we meet again Pixie, your bed will always be here for you!


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