Sparky is a wonderful dog, born with a small eye and an overbite. He was neutered and had a dental in 2017. He lost 3 minor teeth.

   He loves to be with people and follow them around. He is full of energy and loves to play. Sparky is somewhat house-trained. We have 3 boys and have not been able to catch the one who is marking the house.

   Sparky is very anxious when grooming. He is VERY fearful of knots and the pulling (pain) that comes with it. It is very difficult to brush him. We are working on this fear but it is something that a new owner would have to continue. 

    Sparky likes to play by biting your hand. I have not been able to figure out what he is trying to tell me when he does this behavior. He does not like to be held in your arms. But, he does like to sleep with you and get love while on the bed.

   Sparky gets very excited by barking and jumping when you come home, when you leave, when it is dinner time and when it is treat time. I think I got him to sit and I am trying to work on the "wait for the ok" command.

   Sparky has an anixiety attack whenever we go out the front door. He, also suffers from seizures.


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